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Special Sale May 15th, 2018
Hello Everyone


Standard member payments are back open using Perfect Money but your account must be verified.
Any Standard members account requests from unverified payment processors will be canceled.If you
upgrade and your account is unverified,we have made some new memberships for PM Unverified.
Those are the
ONLY memberships unverified accounts can buy if  you try to buy another membership other then the two we
have made money will be refunded and account deleted and banned from all sites We have reduced
prices for memberships.

Special Sale

We have changed the sale giving more time and more money on upgrade and dropped the part of sale about
free upgrade with 3 or more sites.
The sale is at ALL sites and is as follows,payment processors are at 20% off  Monthly upgrades will
receive $2.50 in account and 5 extra days for all monthly memberships.
This sale starts upon receipt of this email.


We will be going thru members emails and whatever email is not gmail will be deleting accounts ,
We are getting to many bounced emails which slows the server down alot.Also members using multiple
isps im am going thru accounts and so far have found 15 members with more then one account at the
same site.Accounts will be deleted at ALL sites with multiple accounts at same site.

Thank you

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